Top AI Communities to follow in 2024

AI has become one of the most sought-after tech today! With organizations and companies moving towards making AI transformation more practical and realistic, tracking AI trends and up skilling towards an AI-driven world has become crucial for us! From knowing the latest trends to figuring out what AI tools, communities play an important role in educating people. In this blog post, we have collated the list of the top  AI communities to follow in knowing AI better! 

AI Brains

With the mission to build a people-friendly AI ecosystem for AI founders, agencies, enthusiasts, and students, AI Brains is one of the fastest-growing AI communities. Founded in 2023, AI Brains connects AI leaders and enthusiasts, brings insights into how AI is changing the future, and delivers some of the best resources to stay in touch with the buzzing realm of AI technologies. From interviewing AI startup founders to curating up-to-date content on AI advancements everywhere on their social media platforms, it is a unique community to help you understand and learn AI better through collective intelligence

Who can join?

AI Founders, AI Agencies, AI Enthusiasts, Developers, students etc., 

Marketing AI Institute

Sparked in 2016 from the intention and mission to make AI actionable and approachable for marketers, Marketing AI was initially a blog. Later, in 2021, it transformed into an active and engaging online education platform, Marketing AI Institute, with as many as 40,000 subscribers. 

That said, the Slack community, created and curated by the internal team of Marketing AI Institute, is one of the best destinations for AI leaders, founders, next-gen marketers, and AI professionals to network and build the future together! From acting as the platform to share job opportunities, best practices, tips, and case studies on embracing AI in marketing to throwing light on potential AI tools that will help you do complex marketing tasks effortlessly, AI Community by Marketing AI brings it all for you! 

They also conduct workshops, conferences, and events periodically to keep their followers informed about current advancements in AI marketing. 

Who can join?

AI Professionals, Marketers, AI Enthusiasts, etc., 

AI Furnace

 Inspired by the quest to keep the flair of innovation and changes in AI alive through active networking of AI founders, builders, researchers, and enthusiasts, AI Furnace is a global community! Founded in 2023, AI Furnace aims to support AI founders and bring people together to discuss and understand AI. As a part of this mission, they conduct events and workshops in London and New York. 

Who can join?

AI Enthusiasts, AI Leaders, AI Researchers, AI Founders, Funders, Students, etc., 

AI Singapore

Functioning from the heart of Singapore, AI Singapore is one of the largest and most resourceful AI communities to educate and help students and professionals in Singapore to grasp AI. With the mission to support and nurture local AI talents through an AI ecosystem that connects AI-based research institutions and startups, AI Singapore has a highly dynamic community and educating platform. Some of the perks of joining AI Singapore are they have courses, training, and a community to share knowledge on AI, network with AI experts, and gather opportunities to work in the AI domain. They also curate blogs, articles, and newsletters to keep their members well-informed about the changes happening in the AI verse. 

Who can join?

Professionals, researchers, experts, and enthusiasts in AI from Singapore.

AI Exchange

Founded by Rachel Woods, AI Exchange educates and trains professionals to embrace and adapt to AI-driven business models. With more than 1500 members in the community, they curate some of the best courses, training sessions, and resourceful materials like a playbook, newsletter, and a lot more to understand and apply AI in business. 

Who can join?

AI enthusiasts, anyone interested in learning new AI tools.

Cerebral valley

Cerebral Valley is an exclusive AI community based in San Francisco, it organises the largest In person meetups for AI enthusiasts, Investors and startups. They organise multiple get togethers and open for everyone to join. 

AIM Leaders council

Curated for elite AI leaders and C-suite professionals, the AIM Leaders Council is one of the largest AI communities in India that globally connects top-level professionals in Analytics and Data! With an exquisite and collaborative platform for AI leaders to share insights, acknowledge common challenges, and brainstorm solutions together to resolve AI-related challenges, this highly curated community follows a membership model with some eligibility criteria to expand its size! 

Who can join? 

AI Leaders and C-suite Professionals.

Machine Hack

Sporting over 500,000 members in their community, MachineHack focuses exclusively on 


They foster a highly healthy and competitive Telegram community space for developers, data scientists, and AI enthusiasts to help them learn, unlearn, experiment, and hone their skills in using and understanding generative AI development better. 

To keep their followers at the forefront of AI development trends, MachineHack offers several learning opportunities and Hackathons for everyone to understand AI advancements at a deeper level, and they also organize webinars, workshops, and learning modules to support developers and generative AI professionals in every way! 

Who can join? 

Generative AI Professionals, Developers, etc., 

AI Forum for India 

Propelled ahead by a well-defined mission and vision, AI Forum for India paves the way for more collaborative networking and engagement between thinkers and professionals across the AI industry. 

With a diverse set of goals and agenda to make AI simple and easy for curious learners and enthusiasts, AI Forum for India weaves an interesting cobweb of webinars, meetups, online workshops, and much more through their community! 

From providing their members with insightful discussions with AI experts, opening doors to a wide range of networking, and curating a knowledge base of articles, podcasts, guides, and a lot more, they are one of the most engaging AI communities to follow in India to track and provide insights on the AI-value chain!

Who can join?

AI Thinkers, AI Professionals, AI enthusiasts.


Embarking on the mission to help students and professionals learn and apply AI in their everyday lives, Karachi.AI is one of the global communities founded in 2017! With a team that expands towards more than 4000 professionals, students, and academic researchers, they are an engaging community with diverse resources to educate people on AI and train them for the upcoming Machine first era! Created around the objectives of keeping their Facebook community aware, engaged, and empowered with AI, Karachi.AI focuses on organizing workshops, quarterly meetups, hands-on training, and several other captivating content materials to keep you updated about AI and its depth in your career. 

Who can join?

Students, working professionals.

Kenya AI

AI Kenya is a collective of AI experts and data scientists from East Africa who unite to exchange insights and tackle challenges in their field. This collaboration is facilitated through regular meetups, educational pathways, and an annual conference where members engage in discussions, learn from each other, and display their developed projects.


Aiming to offer in-depth research and analyses for AI tools, Futurepedia, a comprehensive platform to explore AI to the fullest, helps professionals find the best AI tools for work. While leaping into their website can give you ideas and reviews on AI tools. Joining their Discord community will open doors to effective networking and educational resources! From How-to tutorials to hands-on activities to learn AI tools better, they have many resourceful materials to make the AI transition effortless for the global workforce! AI newsletter, exciting YouTube videos, and insightful tips on best practices in embracing AI are some of the perks of joining this community! 

Who can join? 

AI Enthusiasts, AI Professionals.

Association of Data Scientists(ADaSci)

Driven by the mission to lead the development, implementation, and spreading of knowledge and research in analytics, decision-making, and management, the Association of Data Scientists is a global body of professionals in Data Science and Machine Learning. 

They are a large Discord community focused on supporting efforts to extend the knowledge of ML and Data Science and other related domains to students and AI enthusiasts. 

Some of the resources they offer include educational courses, webinars, meetups, networking opportunities, and blogs on ML and Data Science. 

Who can join?

AI Professionals, Data Science, and Machine Learning Professionals.

AI Communities on Commudle

Commudle is one of the largest developer ecosystems that focuses on helping professionals from the tech domains find opportunities, share knowledge, and build communities. Given the vast expanse of tech communities built on Commudle, it is a perfect place to find some of the most engaging AI communities to follow! 

Who can join? 

Varies based on the communities you choose to follow.

Analytics India Magazine Telegram

Analytics India Magazine’s Telegram community is one of the best niches to learn about recent advancements in AI, Machine Learning, data science, etc., 

Inspired by the mission to track the exciting stories of innovation, top players, and game changers in the field of AI. AIM delivers some of the best resources for their readers through their community. From letting their readers be well-informed about the trending AI news to opening doors to guide them toward wise career opportunities, AIM is one of the long-serving AI communities to follow in India!

Who can join?

AI Enthusiasts, Developers, etc., 


We believe this collated information on AI communities will help you find your set of like-minded people to discuss AI and make changes happen no matter where you are in this world! 

Meanwhile, to read exciting blogs on AI, follow us on our social media platforms and let us know some AI communities that you are part of that we may have missed in this article. 


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