Meet YEM, our AI powered news assistant

At AI Brains, we have a firm resolve to experiment and leverage AI tools wherever possible as we keep building this community.

I had a chance to see Surya Manivannan present YEM, the AI powered personalised news assistant last year during an event and I immediately reached out to interview him for the AI Spotlight show (an interview series with founders building Gen AI / Deep tech startups). The interview went well and I also made a good friend in Surya.

As someone building an AI community, I have alerts to tens of dozen newsletters, websites and blogs to receive the latest updates and alerts. The amount of news around AI startups is so massive that I feel outdated if I miss any updates for 3 days in a row.

One day I was going through Finshots and suddenly remembered YEM (Guess that’s how the brain works, in flashes! ) I knew that YEM can surf through the internet and consolidate news about my favourite topics in easy ways for me to consume. So the question was

“ What if I can use YEM to deliver the latest news about AI Startups / investments in LinkedIn ”

When I told Surya my desire to use YEM, he was already smiling and started working on setting it up. I did not wait and for my part went in LinkedIn and announced the launch of AI Bits.

We went ahead and created a simple document to come up with a 30 day schedule to use YEM for creating quick posts through the power of AI.

Impact :

Our audience found great value in the way we delivered news through AI Bits (Powered by YEM). It also attracted more audience and increased followers to our page steadily. If we stopped posting about AI Bits, I’ve had people DM me asking — proof that it has its own following. I also agreed to share an impact chart to Surya and here is a simple graph on how the post’s performed.

Sharing the chart below. Red ones indicate Reactions and Blue ones indicate impressions. (We are compiling a larger data set and will publish it soon towards the end of the quarter). While the numbers look smaller (If you have a heavy marketing budget for Ads, I am sure the numbers are infinitesimally smaller and pitiful but for us that’s still good coverage :P)


The interesting thing was that YEM became more intuitive and easier to use. Surya kept working and tweaking the UI/ UX to deliver optimum results. You can see that version 1 is in a paragraph format while version 2 condenses the content further and making it more easier for readers. 

While Version 1 and 2 was sent to us as email, Version 3 was taking the AI Bits post to the next level (Sample below). We’ve been using the version 3 the last few days and already seeing more engagement, impact and click through.



Version 3


YEM has helped us deliver valuable content to our readers / followers in the last 3 months. This also has improved our organic content metrics in LinkedIn and a great boost to our presence. We will continue working with Surya and his team to post our long term impact of AI Bits.

This is also a great lesson in building audience through the power of AI 🙂

Lokesh Kannan


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