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About Us

AI Brains focuses on helping organisations and individuals scale using AI. Our mission is to create a space for people to learn, discuss and share updates about using AI for growth.

We offer a variety of resources and networking opportunities for members and founders to stay informed on the latest trends in AI & AI startups

Why You need to Choose Us

Fast paced learning

We focus on making our content accessible and easy to learn that anyone can find a specific AI tool for their day to day work and get a basic understanding of it in less than an hour.

Futureproof your skillset

Our current workforce needs to learn cutting edge AI technology and re skill themselves to prepare for the future of work. We want to help professionals find the latest tools and trends in their stream of work.

Find mentors & partners

The AI Brains community is driven by mentorship and learning from peers. You’ll find the right SME’s on using AI tools and people you can reach for any help in deploying an AI tool to your stack.

Why AI?


Trillion industry by 2030


Projected YOY Growth


Workforce will be AI Dependent by 2030

Still Have Questions ?

AI Brains is not just another website where we constantly talk about the technicalities of AI or feed information about the latest trends through blogs and social media posts. We wanted to create a space for AI enthusiasts to get in, be able to identify the different AI tools available in their line of work and get a high level understanding of a specific tool of their liking within less than a hour. The amount of noise that the AI industry makes everyday is massive and we want to help people comfortably get in and learn AI.  AI Brains believes in producing content that we’d like to consume and strive to deliver value and quality over noise and volume.

The world will no longer be the same from 2023. If Generative AI has taught us one thing, it is the fact that most of the world’s written content in the upcoming years will be AI generated. This paradigm shift will transcend the way humans perceive content because of the challenge in distinguishing between a content that was machine generated vs one written by people. This is the major reason why our content goes heavy on video and audio while consciously keeping blog posts to the bare minimum.

AI Brains was born out of the e need to build an exclusive community for GTM professionals and AI startup founders to network and collaborate. We joined many existing communities and some of them do a fantastic job in producing high quality content that we’d highly recommend.

However we realized that the basic challenge for a new person joining any community is not knowing what to do, where to look and who to reach out for a question. In addition to this, the concept of communities are a novelty to many and the mainstream audience still consume content over the web. We took a pause and went back to the drawing board with a simple question – How do we improve the community experience for a new user?

The answer to that question was to curate content that will enable anyone who lands on our website to learn a new tool in less than an hour and help them relate it to their day to day work. Once this basic level of understanding is established before the user joins our community, the overall experience becomes much better and paves way for focused conversations and effective collaboration.

Awareness on the skills and tools required to work in an AI driven GTM team in the longer run

AMA sessions with GTM leaders from existing AI tech companies.

Real life examples and use cases from teams that leverage the power of AI.

Updates on new age AI startups.

People who want to scale their GTM using AI tools.

Experienced sales and marketing professionals looking to reskill and learn new tools.

AI startups, AI Agencies and AI Implementation partners.

People who’ve deployed an AI tool in their GTM tool stack.

Anyone in the market looking for an AI solution.

Non technical AI enthusiasts