Forbes Top 50 AI 2023

Forbes partnered with Seqoia capital and Meritech capital early in March 2023 to come up with the top 50 AI startups in the world. They  received close to 800 submissions  across all continents and they used an  algorithm designed by Konstantine Buhler from Sequoia that identifies organisations based on the following three criteria, 

1.Financial performance 

2 Company culture 

3. Diversity 

They came up with a list that follows, 

Top 50 AI companies 2023

Here is a quick analysis of the AI Top 50 companies. 
Demographics: Most AI startups are from the US and a large number of them are from California. Out of the 50 startups, 7 were found in 2016, 10 AI startups in 2017 and 8 in 2021.

Crowded Category: AI Model development, Copywriting Software ,Data Labelling software and Sales Software.


Most Funded Category: AI Model Development – $12.3 Billion, Data storage and Analytics – $3.5 Billion, Defence software – $2.4 Billion.

It’s also interesting to observe that most startups have a per-employee based working capital that is greater than 1 Million USD and most founders and early employees  went to Harvard an Stanford in the US. 

This image shows the age of all AI companies that made it to the list of top 50 AI companies in 2023


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