The AI Founder’s question book

The AI Founder's question book

Since the AI tech space is moving at a greater speed, there isn’t a set format, playbook or a successful approach that we can follow today to build an AI organisation. We only become perfect at something we do, as long as we keep doing it consistently. In the same spirit, we’ve put together these first set of questions that an AI founder can use to present the value proposition. 

  • What problems does your AI tool solve ?

  • Who are your target customers? Which function/ department in an organisation will use your tool on a day to day basis.

  • How much time does it take today for a customer to deploy your tool?

  • Do you provide a free trial period for your product? If yes, how long?

  • Is there an online course / video tour of your platform that people can use?

  • What KPI’s does your AI tool impact or help to improve?

  • What is a pre-defined quality your users need to have?

  •  What’s your pricing strategy? Do you charge by number of users/ amount of content generated?

  • Do you offer certification/ courses to master your product?

  • How many hours should a person spend to become an expert in your tool?

  • What is your Data protection, security and compliance policy depending on the market you serve?






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