AI Talent

Are you a young, ambitious individual with a passion to work for upcoming AI Startups specialising in Data science, machine learning, prompt engineering and LLMs ?

Do you want to enhance your problem-solving and critical thinking abilities by working on real challenges given by a new age AI Startup?

  • Then AI Talent is the right place for you.
  • AI Talent is a 6 month unpaid, hands-on internship program organised by AI Brains in collaboration with Bright Academy to provide the perfect opportunity for 3rd Year Engineering students in their 6th Semester to channel their AI / ML Skills to perfection and work with industry experts.
  • Apply now to join and connect with like-minded people and discover exciting opportunities with our corporate partners!


Fundamentals of Data Science and Machine Learning:

 – Extensive Data Preprocessing
– Implementation of Classification and Regression Techniques
– Building a Prediction Engine 

Intermediate Data Science and Machine Learning Projects: 

– Utilising Large Language Models (e.g., Mistral AI, OpenAI, Llama)
– Prompt Engineering
– Fine-Tuning Large Language Models with LORA and PEFT 

Agent Architecture-Based Projects: 

– Auto GPT and BabyAGI

– Developing Projects using GEN AI Models and APIs for Industry Use Cases (Hugging Face, Monster API) 

Enlightening Community experience involving brain storming of ideas, talks by founders and networking opportunities 

Overall a place to Learn, Evolve and Grow.

  • The first AI Talent cohort will constitute of 15 to 20 students from various engineering colleges in Chennai working in teams of 3-4.
  • The teams will be formed based on complimentary skillsets on a first come first serve basis. 

Our panel of top researchers & experts will go through the applications individually and set up an interview process with the candidate for further screening. Only candidates who clear the interview round will be admitted to the programme. 

  • Some parts of the program may require the candidate to work from a lab setup in T.Nagar ,Chennai
  • The deadline to submit the application is on December 15th. 
  • This is not a full time internship and does not expect the candidate to get elaborate OD’s and permissions. 
  • Successful completion of the program modules increase the candidate’s chance of working with the best AI startups in our network. 
  • Interns who complete the program will be awarded with E- Certificates.